Pixelite GI: A 2D Raytraced Lighting Engine

Pixelite GI is a real-time raytraced lighting solution built from the ground up for pixel art games using the Unity game engine. It utilizes a new research technology called Spatiotemporal Reservoir Resampling, or ReSTIR, which was published in ACM SIGGRAPH 2020.

Using this new technology, Pixelite GI offers a distinct advantage over existing solutions as it enables every pixel to naturally both receive and emit light. This includes every pixel in the background with potentially more than one million lights per scene, all in real-time! See for yourself what Pixelite is capable of.

Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/pixelite-gi-198914

Curious how it runs on your system? Download the demo here.

Version Roadmap / History

Release 3 (Coming Soon)

  • URP Support

Release 2.1 (Released 7/27!)

  • Bug Fixes

  • Minor performance improvements

Release 2 (Under Asset Store Review)

  • Initial release on Asset Store

Release 1 (Internal Beta)

  • Closed beta testing

About Us: Nabla Cat

Nabla Cat is composed of a diverse team of one, who is currently a PhD student studying computer graphics at the University of Utah. And raytraced pixel art is what happens when a PhD student gets free time and a 3090.


We can help! Email us at pixelite.gi@gmail.com.